Telephone and Data tips


Before entering into a contact with a service provider for either a landline telephone or cellphone, check the various options and costs available from all the service providers. Once you have reached a decision, read the contract carefully before signing.


Some landline service providers and all cellphone service providers offer prepaid services, which means no telephone bills. With prepaid vouchers your telephone call is paid for before you have even made the call.


The tariffs for data (internet) connections vary considerably between the different service providers – shop around for the best option to suit your budget. You are not obliged to use the internet connection offered by your telephone or cellphone service provider.


Managing your telephone expenses


All telephone service providers offer special rates for calls made at certain times. The times differ from provider to provider and usually apply at night and over weekends. Not all providers offer these special rates on public holidays. Check which rates apply to your particular service option and make calls during these cheaper times when possible.

Your responsibilities as a consumer :

You have the responsibility to pay your telephone account in full on or before the due date to avoid disconnection and possible reconnection fees.

If you disagree with anything charged on your account, follow up with your service provider immediately.