When a problem arises

  • Pursue your complaint as soon as possible.
  • Identify the specific problem and back it up with evidence such as the damaged item, contracts or receipts.
  • Know how you want your complaint to be resolved (refund, repair, etc).
  • Try to resolve it directly with the person responsible for the transaction. Then go up the lines of authority – as far as necessary. Document your steps.
  • Be courteous, fair, reasonable, but persistent, even if rebuffed.
  • Compromise if necessary, especially if you are partially at fault, or you may get nothing.
  • Wait a reasonable length of time for a settlement.
  • Make a genuine attempt to settle a dispute yourself.
  • Approach the channels listed only after all efforts to reach a satisfactory arrangement with the other party have failed.
  • If you need help after this, write a letter of complaint
  • If you receive no assistance through any of the above means, obtain a complaint form from the Provincial Consumer Affairs offices or the National Consumer Commissioner